Cogeneration plant utilizing paper residues in Çorlu, Turkey

Turnkey cogeneration plant utilizes paper industry by-products such as paper rejects, biological sludge, paper sludge, and ropes for fuel.

EREN Holding and its affiliates operate in the energy, paper, packaging, retail, cement, textile, and tourism sectors. Modern Karton, a subsidiary of EREN Holding, is a major European paper manufacturer and the industry leader in Turkey. The company operates several paper machines at its production facilities in Çorlu, 90 km northwest of Istanbul. The facility produces 1.1 million tons per year of packaging papers and corrugated cardboard materials from waste paper. EREN Holding selected Outotec to design and build a new power plant on a turnkey basis. Completed in 2015, the plant uses by-products from the paper recycling process as fuel.


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Modern Karton
Delivery year
Paper mill rejects and sludge


  • Thermal processing of solid fuel with a high degree of non-combustible debris
  • Strict emissions limits
  • Need for a strong financing partner


  • Turnkey power plant solution utilizing paper mill by-products
  • Thermal treatment of solid fuel in Outotec Fluidized Bed
  • Incinerator with open-nozzle grid
  • Production of electricity and/ or export steam dependent on demand


  • Avoids landfill disposal costs for waste production
  • Saves natural gas for steam or power generation
  • Produces minimal environmental emissions


Paper mill rejects and sludge are transported via trucks and conveyors to a bunker system. The fuels are fed by a crane into an intermediate dosing hopper, from where they are transported to a bubbling fluidized bed (FB) incinerator.

The refractory-lined incinerator, equipped with an air pre-heater and flue gas recycling, allows highly flexible operation in terms of the feed material.

Outotec’s open-nozzle grid configuration allows debris such as metals, glass, and stones to be removed during operation. The heat recovery boiler, which consists of an evaporator, super heater, and economizer, uses the hot flue gases from the FB incinerator to produce steam for the turbine. An external superheater increases the live steam temperature to achieve high turbine efficiency.

The flue gas enters the baghouse when leaving the economizer, and lime and activated carbon are added to clean the flue gas. The de-dusted flue gas then passes a condensate preheater and leaves the plant via a stack.

Project scope

Outotec’s turnkey solution encompassed everything from the plant equipment engineering through to delivery of the complete process, including startup and operator training.

Design data

Fuel 450,000 t/y
Natural gas (STP) 32,600 m3/d
Fluidized bed incinerator  
Combustion air flow (STP) 150,000 m3/h
Recycle gas flow (STP) 20,000 m3/h
Flue gas flow outlet (STP) 210,000 m3/h
Flue gas temperature outlet 850-950°C
Air preheating <260°C
Heat recovery boiler  
Steam temperature 380°C
Steam pressure 62 bar (a)
Flue gas temperature outlet <160°C
External superheater  
Thermal capacity 13 MW
Steam turbine  
Steam flow 96 t/h
Steam temperature 530°C
Electrical power output 30 MWel
Flue gas cleaning  
Flue gas flow (STP) 230,000 m3/h
Flue gas outlet temperature <120°C
Outotec Fluidized Bed Incineration Plant

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