About this report

Our reporting corresponds to the ‘Core’ level of the GRI G4 reporting framework, and describes our progress in addressing the UN Global Compact principles, as well as our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Outotec’s Sustainability Report 2016 has been prepared according to the “Core” level of the GRI G4 reporting framework and the UN Global Compact principles.  However, General Standard Disclosures as specified in the GRI G4 guidelines are presented in a wider scope than required by the Core option. Specific Standard Disclosures, consisting of management approach and indicators, are made with respect to the material aspects defined as applicable to Outotec. Indicators are reported with a somewhat wider scope than required by the Core option.

The reporting period is the calendar year 2016. Some information relating to developments from January to March 2017 has also been included in the report.

This report has been verified by an independent third-party assurance provider.​ The report is available in English, and published online only.

Disclosure on our management approach

Outotec’s generic management approach to sustainability covers all of the aspects of the G4 framework identified as material to our operations. We also report on our management approach with regard to specific aspects in the relevant sections of this report. Respective page references are included in the report’s GRI index.

The GRI index also shows which indicators have been used by Outotec to evaluate our progress on the 10 principles of the Global Compact initiative, regarding human rights, labor rights, environment principles and anti-corruption principles, as well as the related Sustainable Development Goals.

Materiality assessment

The material aspects identified as most relevant to the company and our stakeholders by a materiality assessment conducted in 2014 continue to form the basis for our sustainability management and reporting. As part of the materiality assessment, we identified our customers, employees, suppliers, investors and financiers, the media, NGOs and local communities as the main users of this report. In a review of key stakeholders conducted during 2016, the academic community was added as a key stakeholder group.

Report coverage

We report on our own operations including Outotec’s premises and employees in full, and partly include information on our contractors working under our supervision on project sites, our products and services, the use of Outotec’s technologies by customers, and our supply chain.