Target for 2016 Status  Performance in 2016 Target for 2017 GRi indicator & relevant SDG

1. Safety

New lost-time incident management system implemented globally in major locations The system was developed and piloted in 2016, but not implemented globally. The lost-time incident management system to be integrated into our existing global reporting tools.





Harmonized product compliance management procedures in use
Harmonized procedures have been implemented in many locations to replace previous local procedures. Reviewed and simplified harmonized product compliance management procedures to be implemented globally  G4-PR1

2. Sustainable offering

Environmental goods and services (EGS) to account for over 90% of order intake EGS accounted for 90% of total order intake EGS to account for over 90% of order intake



20% reduction in CO2  emissions achieved through the use of Outotec's metals-related technologies, compared to industry averages

27% reduction in CO2 emissions achieved through the use of Outotec’s metals-related technologies 20% reduction in CO2 emissions to be achieved through the use of Outotec’s metals-related technologies, compared to industry averages



Implement recently developed water recycling concepts, and start their commercialization Our first new water treatment solution based on electrochemistry, which enables water recycling, was piloted with a customer. Our offering included improved water recycling solutions in 15 cases. The piloting of the water treatment solution to be completed and our offering expanded to encompass the entire water management of a mine site.
The safety benefits of our dry stacking alternative to be emphasized



Reductions in the use of fossil fuels by Outotec waste-to-energy plants, amounting to 60 MWe, and by steam boilers amounting to 60 MWth Plants ordered in 2015 were under design and construction in 2016, but not yet in operation. Reductions in the use of fossil fuels by Outotec’s renewable energy solutions amounting to 12 MWe and/or by steam boilers amounting to 60 MWth



3. Responsible business practices

Review Outotec’s Code of Conduct, including its coverage and human rights perspectives Code of conduct reviewed and human rights perspectives assessed Working conditions to be assessed at Outotec’s main manufacturing and service sites, including Code of Conduct training for blue-collar employees



4. Sustainable supply chain

95% of major suppliers committed to Outotec’s Supplier policy All major suppliers committed to Outotec’s Supplier policy Audits to be run globally to cover 10% of key suppliers where a purchase order has been placed recently, for product quality, with supplier development actions planned (or implemented) according to the audit findings.
All key suppliers not certified under ISO 14000 and/or ISO 18000 to be audited on health, safety, environmental and social aspects




5. Development of our people

1% improvement in employee engagement and performance enablement indices compared to the 2013 baseline A Pulse survey was conducted, but no improvements in employee engagement or performance enablement indices were recorded. Index improvements of 6% in employee engagement and 4% in performance enablement, compared to Pulse survey results from 2016



100% of employees to go through performance development discussions (PDDs) Due to system changes, no exact data is available for 2016. According to the available data, PDD coverage is estimated to be 95% of employees.   G4-LA11

6. Equal opportunities and diversity

- - - 2% increase in the number of female leaders in senior leadership positions compared to 2016



7. Community involvement

One new community project started A new Sustainability Master Class program, run jointly by Outotec and the University of Helsinki, was launched One new community project to be started



8. Stakeholder dialogue

Based on customer feedback, realize corrective actions and publicize these actions among customers, while also communicating successes through customer cases. Short-term corrective actions were specified after each round of quarterly customer surveys. Corrective actions and communications with customers were mostly realized through customer interfaces at local level; follow-up data not fully available Continue with existing feedback surveys to measure our performance per customer relationship, and initiate a new transactional feedback survey for field service.



9. Minimize our own environmental impact

New energy-saving concept implemented in five locations ISO 50001 energy management systems including saving concepts were implemented in four locations in Germany. In Finland, Outotec’s energy saving agreement was renewed, with new targets set ISO 50001 energy management systems, including energy saving concepts, to be implemented in all locations in Finland.
A new harmonized quarterly global energy consumption reporting concept to be created and implemented



A 5% decrease in CO2  emissions from flights per EUR 1 million sales, to be achieved by increasing virtual working methods A 22% decrease in CO2 emissions from flights per EUR 1 million sales, compared to 2015 Maintain the same lower level of CO2 emissions from flights per EUR 1 million sales as recorded in 2016 G4-EN19