Listening to customers

Customer satisfaction is high on our agenda. We build up our understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges by systematically collecting feedback. We have also invested in internal feedback channels and feedback management to improve our products, services and operations.

The key parameters used by Outotec to measure global customer satisfaction are our Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction ratings. Our NPS has shown an upward trend since global surveys started in 2015. The key drivers behind customer recommendations (NPS) and satisfaction include our state-of-art technologies, product reliability and expertise. Our customers tend to be more critical concerning our response and delivery time. Our focus on service development is something our customers clearly appreciate (G4-PR5). 

In 2016, we introduced a shorter and simpler feedback survey. Customers are asked to comment on the most important factors behind the scores they give. This focus on open comments helps us to tune in to customers’ true feelings and hear their voices. The 355 feedback records sent to us in 2016 included some 1,400 individual comments. These comments form the basis for actions designed to achieve improvements at all levels from individual accounts to the global level.