Regular dialogue with investors

Outotec’s approach to investor relations and communicating with the financial markets is based on Finnish law, EU directives, and our own policies on corporate governance and disclosure, as well as stock exchange rules and regulations.

At the end of 2016, Outotec had 29,686 (33,830) shareholders. Shares held in 10 nominee registers accounted for 30.6% (27%) of all Outotec shares, while private Finnish investors held 25.6% (30.9%). Fifteen analysts conducted research focusing on Outotec.

The annual Capital Markets Day event was held on June 7 at Outotec House in Espoo, Finland.

In addition to our interim reports and annual financial statements, the CEO’s Q&A sessions continued to be an important channel for maintaining dialogue. These audio casts aim to further clarify information that has already been made public.

In order to serve the capital market efficiently, to ensure equal access to company-related information, and to comply with disclosure requirements, all our audio casts are recorded and available for on-demand viewing at the webcast center.