Optimal water management for mine sites

Water plays a key role in the mining industry. Our customers face challenges including the need to meet business performance targets and reduce their water consumption. Outotec’s solutions offer flexible options for the management of complex, site-specific water streams.

Water has a central role in mineral processing. However, the availability of water can be a major concern for mine operators. Mines are often in remote locations with highly limited natural water reserves. Tightening regulations and increased environmental awareness have recently made it increasingly important to monitor and manage water balances effectively.

Already today, Outotec’s customers are facing resource scarcity, particularly when it comes to minerals. As the metal content of ores decreases, more ore must be excavated and processed to produce the desired amounts of metals and end-products. This in turn increases the need for water in these processes.

All this is pushing mine operators to seek new, digital ways to optimize their water usage.

More efficient and sustainable ore recovery

With proper monitoring, we can ensure that ore grades and recovery rates are not reduced by poor quality water. The chance to keep an eye on water-related KPIs in real time enables our customers to stay informed on business-critical information and spot potential issues in good time.

Lower effluent volumes mean that customers also save on operating costs and reduce risks. Dynamic and real-time water balance simulations, risk analyses and forecasts of future scenarios allow our customers to stay more than one step ahead, and tackle challenges related to excess water and flooding.

“We also send out our experts to support customers throughout their daily operations by assessing their water management periodically, and then giving recommendations,” says Susanna Horn, Life Cycle Manager. “Our dedicated Operations Support Center is available around the clock to provide optimization and decision-making support within the agreed response time.”

Above all, our service concept enables our customers to focus on their core operations.

Water management at mine sites

Improved visibility through digitalization

By using advanced hardware and software solutions provided by Outotec, it is now possible to monitor water quantities and qualities in real time. We can also calculate scenarios to illustrate the development of the water balance in the coming weeks, or map out the effects of potential process changes on water quantities and quality.

“These digital capabilities form the core of Outotec’s offering for water management,” says Eija Saari, Service Product Manager, Dewatering Solutions. “It’s our ability to simulate changes and evaluate scenarios that sets us apart from our competitors.”

Scalable concept optimizes water footprint

Outotec has unique industry-relevant water and process expertise which we combine with our online sensing, modeling and automation know-how.

“We know what types of water our customers’ plants need, and how this water needs to be treated to stabilize production, reduce water-related business risks, and achieve a sustainable balance of water supply consumption,” says Kaj Jansson, Director, Mineral Processing Concentrator.

Our scalable water management concept combines online measurement with dynamic water balance monitoring. This scalable service has three modules: Monitor, Manage and Predict & Evaluate.

Monitor Manage Predict & Evaluate
  • Real-time information on water quantities and quality
  • Based on physical instrumentation and online visibility
  • Forecasts and scenarios for operational conditions
  • Able to use customer’s water balance and KPIs, as well as data from various sources
  • Visualizes the results
  • HSC software
  • Scenarios to facilitate evaluations of best investment alternatives and options for process optimization
  • The highest level of service
  • HSC software

Above all, our service concept enables our customers to focus on their core operations.

Secure data management

Outotec’s customers always retain ownership of their data. The information collected by Outotec’s sensors to support customers’ daily operations is managed securely: only the experts working on the project have access to the customer’s data.

Our information security management and practices are based on the ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 standards.