On these pages we showcase our approach by describing some concrete cases that illustrate how we use data and digitalization in our work with customers.

Future smelting is digital

In smelting, customers look to digital solutions to improve process stability. Advanced automated solutions can outperform even the most experienced operators in efficiency. Outotec plans to automate non-ferrous smelting processes entirely by 2020, with humans still carrying out predictive and crisis maintenance but leaving dangerous work to machines.

Emission reduction verified by satellite data

Outotec's sulfuric acid solutions help companies improve their sustainability by eliminating sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions into the air.  SO2 emissions can be detected and analyzed with satellite technology. Emission tracking verifies impressive results.

Virtual plant

Digital advances and new technologies signify new solutions for process optimization. Outotec's virtual plants and simulation systems model actual plant's processes to improve overall performance and energy efficiency as well as identify potential malfunctions.

Hacking for sustainability

Outotec had two challenges for participants fo Junction 2017, Europe's largest hackathon for young developers, designers and entrepreneurs: sustainabilty challenge and service challenge.