Listening to customers

Customer satisfaction is high on our agenda. We build up our understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges by systematically collecting feedback. We have also invested in internal feedback channels and feedback management to improve our products, services and operations.

The key parameters used by Outotec to measure global customer satisfaction are our Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction ratings. We started our global survey program in 2015, and in 2017 we integrated our feedback surveys to our CRM to enable managing the feedback with other customer activities. The key drivers behind customer recommendation and overall satisfaction have not significantly changed from 2016, the main drivers being technologies, product quality and Outotec expertise while improvement areas are found within response and delivery times. Our focus on service development is something our customers clearly appreciate.  

In our feedback survey, we request customers to comment on the most important factors behind the scores they give. This focus on open comments helps us to tune in to customers’ true feelings and hear their voices. These comments form the basis for actions designed to achieve improvements from individual accounts to the global level. We are analyzing the comments for improvements, and have started several development initiatives based on the analyses. In 2017, we collected more than 3,000 customer comments to analyze for actions, and our ambition is to continue to expand the sample going forward. 

Outotec is continuously cooperating with its customers, especially in technology and process development. In joint R&D or delivery projects, both Outotec and its customers are able to improve their competences and requirements, e.g. to increasing resource efficiency or digital competences (remote access, process control & optimization).

One such project in 2017 was Critical Elements pilot case in the Pori Research Center, where piloting demonstrated that the conversion of Critical Elements’ spodumene resources into lithium carbonate battery quality using the thermal leaching process was easily achievable.

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