Engaging with employees

The new strategy “This is Outotec 2020” was launched in September and presented first in townhall meetings to all employees. In addition to the main events organized and broadcasted in the headquarters, the main locations organized their own events. Furthermore, the most prominent strategic themes were discussed in events organized in all locations where trained colleagues and top management facilitated the discussion. The feedback from employees was positive.

The bi-annual employee engagement survey was conducted in November 2017. 82% of the employees gave their feedback in the survey. After many challenging years in employee relations, the survey marked an upward curve in the engagement index, which improved 18%-points.

We continued to hold the CEO’s quarterly internal briefings. Employees may ask questions during these briefings, and they can also watch a video recording afterwards. To support the strategy cascade, we introduced a new monthly strategy chat concept, a live video broadcast with selected top management representatives. Audience has possibility to ask questions and comment the strategic themes in these facilitated discussions.

Our global intranet serves as a platform for day-to-day information sharing. To complement this platform, our Outotec News Channel for video communications and the new Office365 collaboration tools play ever increasing role in internal collaboration. The new internal social media tool Yammer was quickly adopted for discussion and dialogue. By the end of 2017, over 3,800 employees were sharing their opinions in Yammer, in over 470 discussion groups which demonstrates that the new tool was quickly and widely adopted.

Two Outotec Round Table events were held during 2017, bringing together some 20 personnel representatives and top management. The topics discussed included our new strategy, rewarding (performance development dialogue and compensation policy), travel safety, GDPR and data privacy issues as well as employee engagement survey results.

Employees as owners

Many Outotec employees are also shareholders through the employee share savings plan, which was launched in 2013. The Plan rewards employees for their long-term commitment to the company. Approximately 20% of employees participated in this program in 2017.

1,223 employees who participated in the Plan in 2014, and kept their shares until May 2017, received free shares. Outotec offered beneficiaries one free share (gross, with cash payments for taxes deducted) for each two shares bought with the 2014 savings.

Enhancing feedback culture

A new portal for internal feedback collecting was launched in late 2016 and deployed in 2017 to enable internal feedback to be submitted and processed smoothly. Feedback can range from improvement requests and ideas from business and application to facilities, well-being and products, and to reported non-conformities related to quality in project and service delivery. The deployment was done in stages and it included also training sessions for the different parts of the organization. In 2017, total of 244 feedback entries were received through the portal. Nearly half of the entries were related to quality of product and service deliveries. The portal will be further developed as a part of the continuous improvement process.