Working with NGOs and media

Outotec aims to support local projects that benefit communities where our major customers operate. These community projects are based on local needs, and defined through dialogue with local communities.

We strive to realize community projects in collaboration with our customers, using joint financing. We also aim to integrate voluntary work into community projects – both during and outside working hours. All community projects must bring measurable benefits to the local community (GRI 103-2).

Outotec has continued to support the Baltic Sea Action Group’s initiatives for the rehabilitation of the Baltic Sea, and additionally sponsored the Millennium Technology Prize. We also see the Sustainability Awards we give to students in South Africa, China and Australia as a means of engaging with local communities.

Charitable financial donations were frozen for 2017, after Outotec’s Board of Directors proposed to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders in April that there would be no budget for such donations for 2017.

In 2017, 24% of our operations ran small local community engagement programs (GRI 413-1) mostly based on voluntary work. Such activities had to be reduced due to the weak financial performance of the company. Outotec did not make any social or environmental impact assessments in 2017.

Engaging with the media

We interact with media representatives both locally and globally to publicize our sustainability work. Our CEO’s quarterly briefings provide basic information about Outotec’s performance. We also organize interviews where journalists can discuss our goals, new products and newsworthy events with our management representatives. We publish case stories on our website for the media, and aim to organize press trips to Outotec’s R&D centers or reference plants at customers’ sites, in order to show concrete examples of our work to journalists.

Our experts additionally meet trade press representatives at exhibitions and conferences, and share the latest product news with them.